Saturday, August 19, 2017

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Quality • Performance • Compatibility

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Grigg Brothers has proven itself to be a valuable partner in the golf and sports turf industry since 1995. Their Proven Foliar™ liquid and GreenSpec™ granular fertilizer technologies are backed by many years of independent university research and extensive field trials. Grigg Brothers offers turfgrass managers and greenkeepers fertilizer solutions with unmatched quality, performance, and compatibility.


The Mission at Grigg Brothers is to provide the best quality products and top agronomic support in an environmentally responsible manner.


Nutritional science and environmental awareness will drive all agronomic solutions, product recommendations, and programs specific to plant fertility and integrated pest management. We will educate and provide additional tools of science based technologies. We will have the best independent agronomic research program of any fertilizer company in the business with an emphasis on field testing to aid in the development of high quality products. We will diversify and bring new pertinent and proven technologies to the green industries.